short-tailed field cricket
Gryllus brevicaudus Weissman, Rentz, and Alexander 1980


12 s of calling song; male from Jasper Ridge, San Mateo Co., Calif.; 27.0C. Recording by D. B. Weissman (S92-44, R92-9); used by permission.

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Sound spectrogram of 2 s of calling at 27.0°C (from D. B. Weissman's S92-44, R92-9). Dominant frequency 5.1 kHz.

Identification:  G. brevicaudus has jet-black body and legs, hindwings shorter than forewings, and an ovipositor shorter to slightly longer than the hind femur. Tegmina have a yellow tinge on the lateral field near the base (Weissman et al. 1980).

Song at 25°C:  Weissman et al. (1980) described the song as having 3 to 6 pulses per chirp and averaging 150 chirps per minute at 25°C.

More information:  subfamily Gryllinae, genus Gryllus

Nomenclature:  OSF (Orthoptera Species File Online)